The Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom

An opportunity to own a piece of history

We at Hand & Lock are excited to announce a unique opportunity to own a stunning piece of history – an exquisitely crafted hand-embroidered Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom, designed exclusively for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee held on the 3rd June 2012. The embroidered coat of arms was approved by the Garter Principal King of Arms, Thomas Woodcock, giving it the utmost heraldic authenticity.

Adopted in 1837 after the accession of Queen Victoria – the current Royal coat of arms is an extraordinarily salient vestige of British heraldry, spanning centuries of regency. Seen all over the world, the Royal Coat of Arms is for the sole use of the Queen, known as her Arms of Dominion, in designating offices whom have been chosen as her majesty’s representatives for areas of consummate importance such as the UK Courts of Law. It can also be seen as the official symbol of the UK Government on myriad authoritative documents and statements. The helm, however, is removed as it is reserved exclusively for usage of the monarchy. This is a truly exciting piece for any collector or enthusiast in the market for a true sovereign piece of British history.

Hand & Lock, providing embroidery for monarchies worldwide since 1767, were commissioned to create this magnificent piece to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. Our artisan work on the Royal thrones and banners was shown to millions across the world as the Royal Barge travelled down the Thames in celebration of our distinguished monarch’s 60th anniversary to the accession of the throne.

The majestic Royal coat of arms measures 19” x 17” and is backed on to high-quality luxurious red velvet. The work was made using a variety of hand-embroidery techniques; using a combination of goldwork and silkwork, with some areas rendered in appliqué. The crowned lion is wrought in goldwork – this intricate and advanced technique entails passing a needle and thread through a gold wire, in the case of the lion, Purl. The Purl is then cut to size and couched down upon the prepped area using soft string padding. To create depth and relief, a further material known as bump is used. Silkwork is also utilised to produce other areas of the coat of arms such as the Lion’s claws and Royal crown. Areas such as the shield, garter, and mound are edged using goldwork, however a different type of wire is used known as Purl pearl, giving an appearance that closely resembles a string of pearl-like beads. Appliqué is utilised for areas with a large backdrop with cloth of gold and silver used as a strong reference to traditional ceremonial embroidery for the monarchy.

For more information regarding pricing and availability, please contact us either by email at or telephone on 020 7580 7488. Alternatively you can visit our London-based studio to view this stunning piece in all its glory.

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