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Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands Unveils a Hand Embroidered Banner

Last Saturday,  22nd of September 2012, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands unveiled a hand embroidered banner brought to life by us and based on the design by the young British artist Rory Pilgrim.

The Queen re-opened the new Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam which was closed for almost 9 years for a major renovation.

The renovation consisted of the addition of a strikingly unique piece of architecture, affectionately known as ‘The Bath Tub’, creating an extra 9000 m2 of space to the prestigious museum.

‘With this reopening the Stedelijk Museum repositions itself as one of the leading arts institutes. It puts Amsterdam in the spotlight as center of artistic renewal and brings new life to the Museum Square, one of the most important cultural landscapes in the world.’ – Ann Goldstein, Director of the Stedelijk Museum.

To commemorate the event, Hand & Lock produced an exquisite hand embroidered banner that awe-struck the audience (particularly Queen Beatrix herself!) to rapturous applause.

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