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Hand & Lock Produce the Embroidery for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Hand & Lock had the great honour of producing the embroidery for the Thrones and Banners on the Royal Barge, of which Her Majesty the Queen and the Prince of Edinburgh, the Duke and the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry traveled down the Thames.

The next day, Her Majesty and other members of the Royal Family attended the Diamond Jubilee Concert which was held in front of the Buckingham Palace. Tens of thousands of people watched the Concert live and millions more watched at home. The spectacle was framed by the performances of Robbie Williams and Sir Paul McCartney in distinctive military uniforms. Given the fact that Hand & Lock is renowned for its work for the military for nearly 250 years, it was a clear choice for the designers & stylists to commission Hand & Lock to produce the gold and silver work to give them the perfect finishing touch.

To round up these joyous days, Hand & Lock raffled a pair of embroidered cushions on The Daily Telegraph’s website. The cushions where made in cooperation with Deborah Meaden’s ‘Merchant Fox'; a manufacturer of bespoke interior accessories using the finest flannel in the world.

On Friday, the 15th June, The Daily Telegraph published an Interview with us about our work for Savile Row and the long history of Hand & Lock and our involvement in making uniforms.


We should like to thank everybody for their support and we are looking forward to many more interesting projects to come.

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